Final Results - Fritham and Bentley 07/01/2018

Update @ 2300h 8th Jan

Maps have been sent to those who left their email addresses at Download. Please check your email and come back to terrysmith<<at>> (replace <<at>> with @) if you have not received a copy.

Results are now FINAL and have been uploaded to the BOF Results system and submitted to the SCOA League.

RouteGadget is available here.

Colour Standards are shown below the Officials Comments.

Organiser's Comments

Thank you all, for coming along to the Fritham & Bentley event today. We were happily surprised by the size of the turn out today and I would like to thank all who gave up their maps so others could have a run. Terry will send a copy of the map/course to those who have left their email addresses.

Many thanks also to Kieran for his excellent courses. They were challenging and made great use of the area. They were well received with lots of smiling faces at the finish and many a good comment.

Our gratitude also to Ian Sayer our controller today. A pleasure to work with, Ian was steadfast in his support and help.

Lastly on behalf of all who came along today I would like to thank the team of helpers without whom the event would not have happened. Due to the unexpected numbers some team members worked right through to keep everything going. You all did a fantastic job. My thanks to you all!

Lost Property

A broken penknife tool, one red glove, one blue glove, one pair of grey gloves and one quick set thumb compass. Contact me if you recognise any ofthese items.

Kevin Bracher

Planner's Comments

What a fantastic attendance - thank you all for coming and all the positive comments on my courses. Also it was great to see so many on the 'junior' / beginners courses which are always the most challenging ones to plan.

The times were much faster than I expected (or could ever hope to achieve) especially considering the underfoot conditions. We were lucky with the weather - the river had gone down considerably overnight, that's how quickly things can change. But if you thought that the courses were a bit short please remember how unpredictable the weather and conditions can be in the New Forest in January. The open moorland can be extremely exposed and unpleasant. Previous experience has taught me to plan for the worst and be grateful if its nothing like that. I would rather competitors went home happy having had a good, fast, interesting, run than being tired and miserable.

As Kevin wrote; due to the higher than expected attendance a lot of club members had to work really hard to make the event a success. I myself had 10 kind people getting up early or staying late to put out and collect in all the controls - to whom I am extremely grateful.

The best bit was collecting in the smiley faces from the White and Yellow courses and seeing no sign in the Forest that 300+ Orienteers had been anywhere near the area.

Hope to see you all again soon, Kieran Devine

Colour Standards


Class Standard Basis
BLUE 59:09 Winner's time plus 50%
BROWN 1:02:15 Winner's time plus 50%
GREEN 46:47 Top half of entrants
LIGHT GREEN 48:07 Top half of entrants
ORANGE 33:07 Top half of entrants
WHITE 34:50 All finishers
YELLOW 22:34 Winner's time plus 50%
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Splits: Green 148.98 KB
Splits: Short Green 92.47 KB
Splits: Light Green 22.88 KB
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Splits: Yellow 20.17 KB
Splits: White 9.67 KB

What about the excellent Short Green course - is it just an oversight that not included?

In reply to by Jean Payne (not verified)

Hi Jean,

Colour standards pre-date the introduction of Short Green and similar courses and were dropped as an official BOF incentive scheme some time ago. However, some Regional Associations have retained the scheme. Colour standard badges are available for those affiliated to SCOA who achieve three qualifying results in the White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green, Blue and Brown classes.