Summer Series 3 - Fleming Park


Registration: Next to the Pavilion in the Park.


Sat 1 Jul 2017



Registration Times: 

11:30am - 1:00pm

Start Times: 

11:30am - 1:00pm


Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced


SOC juniors - free. SOC seniors £3.00. Other juniors £2.50. Other seniors £5.00


First Day use of the western part of the Map!

For Those wishing to run the Difficult course there is a bonus. This event is using Fleming Park and the Urban area to the West of Fleming Park. This Urban area has only been used once before, for the Wessex Night League. So a first use for a day event. There will be some interesting legs in the Urban area. Well worth coming along for!

Coaching available from 11:00.


Easy:             1.4 K  within the Park.

Moderate:     2.8 K Uses the Underpass to go just west of the Motorway, ( does not go on public roads).

Difficult:       4.9 K Visits the Urban area to the West of the Park.