Busketts Lawn 14th October 2017

Thank you all for coming - as many of you said, it was nice to use a part of the forest that in recent events was only visited by those runners on longer courses.

Thanks too to Alastair for providing some nice, challenging courses, I only heard compliments, also to the helpers who made the event run smoothly and the kind competitor who donated a couple of boxes of bananas to keep everyone going!

Lost Property - A thumb compass with magnifier was left behind - if you have lost such an item please contact me on 07905142672

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What an excellent little event. Alaistair planeed a very nice light green course; and the forest was very runnable and quite difficult to navigate through cleanly, except where the large clearings provided good handrails for those that needed them. Oh, and my 5 year old map stood up quite well to the passage of time; but then that's the advantage of mature woodland, it don't change too quickly.