Compass Sport Trophy Final

Dear All

I noticed the other day that the London Marathon is due to take place on 4th October this year. So I am hoping that there is at least a chance of the final that we qualified for on that memorable last event on 15th March going ahead. The Final is due to take place at Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield on 18th October.

Things we could do:

1. Pencil in the date in our diaries. We will need  a good turnout if we are to have a chance of doing well in the final.

2. Take a look at the routegadget map  of Sutton Park where the event is due to take place and familiarise ourselves with the terrain.

3. Take a look at who we are up against and try to work out our chances.

4. Start chatting about the event. It will take place at some stage! Has anyone run at Sutton Park and could give us some idea of what it is like there? 


Hope you are all fit and well and enjoying the lovely weather


Best Wishes 

Helen Wheelwright



I ran there in the Peter Palmer Junior Relays in both 1993 and 1994. The map in the link above suggests that the broad nature of the terrain is similar - a mixture of woodland and open with lots of bushes, and also plenty of paths. I found it pretty runnable - the newer map is more cluttered which at first glance makes it look less runnable, but that could be just the more complex cartography. I think I enjoyed it at the time, so would happily go again in October if I'm able.


Sadly we have had to postpone the AGM, which was due to be held on 14th May.

The AGM will, of course, be held at the earliest opportunity and notice will be given to members as soon as it's possible to fix a new date.


Running Wild - Orienteering from home

If anyone would like to have a go at some orienteering courses from home, I have set up some courses on Running Wild. Running Wild is a website where anyone can upload a map and draw on a course and others can then plot their route (like you would with routegadget). You can then compare your route with that of others after.

The courses I have put up say SOC and you may notice some familiar areas. If there is any interest I can add some more maps of more interesting areas further afield. There are also plenty of other maps and courses already on the website you might like to try.