Zoom social Thursday 21st January 20:00 - the Map Special


This Thursday 21st January 20:00, we have our regular Zoom social. Last time, we tried out the breakout rooms which went really well and allow us a chance to talk and catch up in smaller groups.

This time we will have a focus on maps with some interesting international maps. We all love maps, right? Tamsin Moran will be the main host as she takes us orienteering around the world (from the comfort of our lounges).

As there's not really much on that moment, why don't you come along? Hopefully see you there! 

Next socials:
4th February - Helen Wheelwright (one of our Club Coaches) with some virtual coaching
18th February
4th March etc


Hi all

I've located a map of Chatsworth, which we talked about last time.  Also the one in Switzerland which was the first leg of a French 5 days, but it's Jura (Vaud) rather than Alps.

If anyone has an A3 scanner, it would help if we wanted to circulate the Chatsworth map. It's from the British Relays 1997!