Compass Sport Cup/Trophy Southern Heat - Results

Provisional results are now published. Please note that the software used to calculate the CSC/CST points was allocating separate points to men and women on course 7 - Short Green Veterans. We do not think this is correct. To get around the issue we allocated all women on the course to the M70 age group! Please don't be offended. In slow time, and before the results are posted to BOF we will re-allocate you to your proper age group.

Second provisional results published at 22:00 on 16 Feb. Three EOD runners added to entries.

The event is now on Route Gadget here:

Organisers Comments


I hope you all enjoyed your visit to the New Forest. After the appalling weather last week it was just such a pleasure to be out in the warm sunshine. Of course it was wet under foot (and indeed up to the waist for some) but I hope this was outweighed by the lovely countryside and the challenges presented by Nick Bosbury's excellent courses.

The competition was fierce - which is how it should be - and the result close: well done to Southern Navigators and Wimborne Orienteers. It was nice to see so many people staying on to watch the results unfold and enjoy the "village" atmosphere.

A huge thank you to all the SOC helpers. It made my job much easier - and indeed a pleasure - to have so many willing volunteers sharing the load.

I have gained a grey fleece. Any takers?

Julian Hartwell


SOC Club Captain Comments

Well we did not manage to win but we did have a great turn out of SOC members both running and helping to put on the event.

Big congratulations to SN and WIM on their victories.

We had 2 members running as non-competitive, Ray Massey who surveyed and updated the map, and Gill Thomlinson who acted as assistant planner and helped Nick leading up to the event and did a stalwart job on the day. Our thanks to both of you.

There were 61 members running for the Club which is an impressive turn out.We had a mix of long standing club members and a good number of brand new members who showed there support by taking this opportunity to run for the Club.Quite a few of our Junior members had to step up and run course colours that they had not Run before. Without the support and enthusiasm of our family units we would not have days like today.

There were also some of our senior members who took that step up to run more technical courses than they are used to. For those of you who did, juniors and seniors, well done and I hope today gives you the confidence and impetus to carry on working your way up the colour classes.

Whether you managed to score for the team or made up the places on your course well done!

A very big thank you to you all!

I would also just like to thank Nick Bosbury for the excellent courses he planned and to Julian Hartwell for his attention to detail in the organisation of the event. SOC would also like to thank Mike Pemberton, the event Controller for all his time, input and support.

Finally, I apologise if I did not manage to meet all of you today. I look forward to seeing you all soon at another SOC event.


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I entered on the day as an M70 independent in short green. I do not appear in the results. By extraordinary coincidence my old friend Graham Harrison who accepted my entry is shown witjh the same time that I received on my printout immediately after downloading. But the splits shown for Graham are clearly not mine. Can you see what has happened, and can you include me in the results please? I am a former Occasional Orienteer (OO), now attempting a return to the sport after a very long interval.

In reply to by Paul Newby (not verified)

Hi Paul. A few minutes ago Graham contacted me as he noticed that you weren't on the results. I have found out why and sorted it out. You will be on the next upload of results which may happen tonight or perhaps tomorrow night depending on how much sorting out there is to do! Apologies.

You came third on Short Green EOD with a time of 40:51.


In reply to by Pete Davis

Thanks very much Pete - I look forward to seeing it. After an amazing return last month, today started badly but then went well once I pulled myself together. I'm enjoying it despite the current state of the Forest!


Nigel Bunn appears 4 times in the results for the brown course (and has 4 scores from this event in the BOF rankings)