RVCP Results

Results for today's local event at Royal Victoria Country Park can be found below. I hope that all who took part enjoyed themselves. On the straight score event, top place goes to Sam White who managed a very creditable 25 controls in the 40 minutes available. Five people chose to make life harder for themselves by going for the odds and evens option with both Nick and Rob managing all but one control. Nick managed to just pip Rob despite having taken third place in the parkrun earlier that day.

My apologies go to the couple of people for whom 221 was in the wrong place. In Mark's defence, it was the first-ever orienteering control he has hung and I should have checked it. My thanks go to Nick for reporting it so the problem could be rectified before it impacted too many people.

As always, these events don't run themselves and my thanks go to Di, Duncan, Julian, Kevin, Rob, Lisa, Mark, Natalie, Terry, Terry and Vicky for helping. My particular thanks go to Terry and Di for typing up the results giving me one less thing to do this evening.

The picnic was blessed with sunshine that I wouldn't have thought possible looking at the forecast two days ago. The Scandinavian themed games seemed to go down well. Rob having supplied me with the correct rules to Kubb, Duncan and I had a couple more games this evening and you'll be pleased to know that they ended much& more quickly!

A few more photos from the event can be found here.