Club Picnic

Final details attached.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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Club Picnic

Don’t forget the picnic this Saturday - it promises to be a lot of fun. Just let Barbara Davidson know by Wednesday, please, so we can get the catering right.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.  My mobile is 07775 627460 in case anyone gets lost.

SOC Saturdays Update: The Rapunzel Approach

Rapunzel is a flaxen-haired maiden who sits in a high tower waiting to be rescued and whilst waiting she combs her long blonde hair. Usually, however, she wears her hair in a sensible, three-stranded plait. Rapunzel is therefore the inspiration for our approach to SOC Saturdays. No, not the sitting and waiting and combing of long blonde hair - the three-stranded approach !!

Strand One: Coaching in Schools

Hampshire schools are, after a long break, starting to take an interest in orienteering as a useful way of delivering the adventure sport dimension of the PE curriculum. This means increased interest in SOC delivering coaching in schools and increased interest in orienteering from the children involved.

Strand Two: SOC Members 1

Since the launch of our SOC Saturday initiative, many members have offered to help out by delivering SOC Saturday leaflets in their local area. If you can help us by putting up or giving out leaflets to interested people in your local area, you can either pick some up at the SOC picnic on 3rd July, (see Chair's newsletter) or contact Helen on juniors [at]

We also need more volunteers to help out at our SOC Saturday events on 25/9/21, 23/10/21, 27/11/21, 8/1/22, and 12/2/21. If you would like to help, please contact Helen on the above e-mail address.

Strand Three: SOC Members 2

SOC members are our greatest asset and our greatest ambassadors. You probably have some friends who have absolutely no interest in orienteering but others who do. Please bring them along to a SOC Saturday or two and hopefully they will become hooked and may even become members of SOC. It will be great to see new members, especially young members to swell the ranks of our Junior section.

Thank You.