Club Activity and Coaching Opportunities


This is an invitation to Club members to take part in weekly Club get together for coaching and other orienteering related activities starting on Thursday 4th October 2018.

A Diary can be seen attached. The program is a framework for the next 3 months and is flexible depending on the experiences gained.

On the first 2 dates at Fleming Park and Acres Down its intended get feed back from those who attend about what they want to do. However some exercises will be organised so come prepared.

Please support this as not only can it help you improve your orienteering but also an opportunity to meet other SOC members.

You can join in from any date and do as few or as many dates as you wish.

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These are a great idea. I wish I could attend but the first few fall on dates I can’t make I’m afraid, mainly because of work commitments. Please do keep organising them though.