This week's entertainment courtesy of the Currie household is a set of anagrams of SOC areas. Answers on the back of a postcard to the usual address!

  1. Breezy nun quicker to ale path.
  2. Ben did.
  3. Egg grins at trunk.
  4. Epic royals take drunk.
  5. Dull rhino.
  6. Lofty manure.
  7. Firm hat.
  8. Hen has lice.
  9. Let's surf.
  10. We talk crab.
  11. Pig and mother.
  12. Slow or odd.
  13. How dwarfs nod.
  14. Ciao pa! Turn to rocky rivalry.
  15. Thawing herald.
  16. Tea heal myth.
  17. Elk wants tubs.
  18. Truly real navy checkpoint.
  19. Bore odd owl.
  20. Punky star can't run too.

Thanks to Alastair for spotting the mistake with number nine which has now been updated.

Thanks for putting these an-o-grams together. I love the surreal images that some of your anagrams conjure up and it was amazing how you managed to skilfully conceal so many country parks!!


Thanks, helen

Congratulations to Andrew Nash who took me quite literally and whose (correct) answers duly arrived on the back of a very nice postcard of the Lake District!