Members' Zoom!

The club's first online meeting was a great success. Eight members met in an Zoom meeting for a chat. Rob Finch gave us a run-down on his Trail-O experiences during lockdown which have taken him (virtually) to areas all over the world - from Finland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to Mozambique and Playmobil World! If you fancy giving it a try, take a look at Stage 3 of Lockdown Orienteering's World Orienteering Day event, try one of the many training events, or compete against Rob and others in the T.O.R.U.S. Cup. Oh, and if like me, you don't know your PreO from your TempO, look at the information on the British Orienteering website.

The plan is to repeat the format with another meeting at 8:30pm on 11 June. Members can find the login details for the event here. If you have any problems, or have something you'd like to share (doesn't have to be orienteering related - just likely of interest to orienteers) then drop me an webmaster [at] (email).

Tamsin Moran will be doing the talk next Thursday (11th June) on her experience of orienteering in Australia. Tamsin did an exchange out there a couple of years ago and assisted with coaching and mapping. A few top British orienteers do this every year.