Southampton Sports Centre - Virtual Challenge and MapRun

Missed getting out Orienteering? Want a new challenge in "lockdown"? Want a competitive race again? Want to explore somewhere new? Have a go at our new Virtual Orienteering Challenge. 

We have converted our Permanent Orienteering Course at the Outdoor Sports Centre to be Smartphone compatible. The Permanent Course consists of a number of posts or plaques attached to features. They have an orienteering symbol on (orange and white triangles in a square) with a distinct number and letter on. The aim of the game is to go around the course as fast as possible. 

The Outdoor Sports Centre in Southampton (just off the Avenue) has 3 colour coded courses and a Score now available. They have all been converted to be smart and use the MapRunF app and your phone's GPS to record where you have been. The 3 colour coded maps are currently available from the BOF portal if you want to download and print a copy (Score to follow shortly). 

If you do not have a SmartPhone, you can time yourself and record the letters at each control and submit them after using this form:

Please follow all relevant Government advice at the time. Take part individually, maintain social distancing (the area is predominately open with a few narrower paths) and avoid contact with the controls. This is not an official event.

More info here on the Permanent Course and how to download a map here: 

More info on MapRun here:

You have from now until the end of June (30th) to take part and challenge yourself. We will then do a debrief and chat through the challenge at one of our Club Zoom sessions.

Hope you enjoy them!