Lakeside Virtual Challenge

With a last-minute flurry of activity in the Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre Virtual Challenge, we've decided to extend the deadline until the end of this weekend. The courses will remain open beyond then but we'll name the winners of the challenge at that point.

It is, however, time to announce the next challenge and the venue moves to the permanent course at Lakeside Country Park where there are four courses on offer: trail, easy, improver, or plan your own route around all of the controls (not as daunting as it sounds given the size of the area).

Otherwise, the format stays the same. You can obtain a free map from Britsh Orienteering. If you have a mobile phone, you can use the free MapRunF app to track your run (select the course under UK > Southampton > Permanent Courses > Lakeside Country Park) or, if you have a GPS watch, you can upload your track on the MapRun website. Alternatively, record your time and the codes at each control and submit them via email to webmaster [at]

As always, please be courteous to other users of the area and, in particular, keep your distance when passing other people, even if this means having to wait. You can take part any time you like between now and the end of Sunday 19th July. And if you fancy doing something else while you're there, you can always try out the 45 minute MapRun score event around Eastleigh from nearby Fleming Park. Let the competition begin!