SOC Members Zoom - O inspiration and chat


We're going to be organising some more online chats and socials (starting next Thurs on the Zoom video call app). These proved popular over the summer when we had inspiring talks on orienteering in Australia, intros to planning and MapRuns and also on the world of online trail orienteering. It would be great to see lots of you online. 

Thurs 19th November 20:00
Discussion: How we train for orienteering
5 people have 2 mins to do a 'lightning' talk on how they train 

Thurs 3rd December 20:00
The big debate: physical or mental, which is more important for orienteering!
Two teams to take opposing views, pitch their side and questioned by host/audience

Thus 17th December 20:00
Xmas Special 

Each will run for 10-30mins or so and then there'll be chance to chat and catch up after. I hope to continue these and am open to suggestions and ideas. If you would like to get involved or speak, then let me know (some people may be asked/press ganged!). They're really informal and are a way for us to keep in touch and be inspired for orienteering while we are restricted in what events we can put om. In particular, it would be great to meet some of our newer members.  

Details on how to join the Zoom call will be posted on the SOC website next week.