Results for Kings Garn Gutter 17th March 2013

The files below are final results for the event.

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Organisers Comments

Thank you for comming out in the terrible weather again, it was good to see so many people.

A compass was found, please contact Tim on 07770 226603 to claim it.

Tim Angel

Planner Comments

Thanks for coming along to enjoy the Kings Garn Gutter.

Following cancellation of the November Classic in this area much thought went into course planning and the decision was taken early on to restrict access across the Gutter running NE to SE, keeping routes west of the Gutter which is prone to spate following significant rainfall.

The extensive network of paths, rides and watercourses supported route choice, especially for the less technical courses. Unfortunately very wet weather prior to the event and on the day made the rides much muddier for the White and Yellow courses but the majority of juniors all finished smiling and muddy.

The longer course were all planned to exploit the open forest areas, especially the Northern Section of the map, Salisbury Trench. The opportunity for direct line navigation in this area was reflected in the winning times, which I suspect would have been even quicker had the ground been firmer.

Lisa James

Controller's Comments

What a hardy bunch we Orienteers are. I read the weekend weather forecast and assumed that I would spend two hours early Sunday morning checking controls in pouring rain, and then no-one would turn up to run. How pleasantly surprised I was! 231 competitors from 25 different clubs!

This was my first official Controller’s role and Lisa’s first Level C planning event. So we had quite a bit to learn. Fortunately there are lots of friends in SOC to offer help and advice. Lisa spent many hours in the forest and found plenty of good control features (especially in the Northern part of the area). These translated into good courses with the choice of straight line running or track / ride alternatives. In many cases it was faster to go straight, and how nice not have to battle through brashings, brambles, or heather. Unfortunately some of the rides in the southern part have been very soggy all winter and after two days of heavy rain some parts of the juniors courses were (to my mind) quite unpleasant. However all the juniors we saw finishing were a bit wet and muddy but happy and smiling. The very fast times on the longer, more technical, courses show what a great area KKG can be in the winter, even when wet.

At SOC we have unfortunate experience of the effects of heavy rain at KGG so we were very wary of any courses crossing streams that could pose a risk in the event of extreme rainfall. Two days before the event this seemed to be overcautious, but on the day it proved to be very wise. It was so wet that some of the small unmapped gully’s in the southern area filled with water.

But as we watched the competitors finishing and heard all the nice comments it made all the hard work really worthwhile. Thank you.

The event was quietly and efficiently Organised by Tim Angel who gently kept us on schedule with his invaluable experience and humour.

Kieran Devine

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