Sunset and Beyond

Extended final details below - see information on EMIT bricks and refreshments.


Final Details

Location: The Pavilion on the Park at the junction of Magpie Lane and Kingfisher Road Fleming Park, Eastleigh SO50 9LH

Grid Ref: SU441189


Event Centre Facilities

Car Park

Main Hall 

 - Registration and download

 - Team bib collection

 - EMIT brick collection: all teams will be provided with dedicated EMIT bricks marked legs 1 to 6

 - Area for kit and belongings

Cafe: Update - In the words of the Butterflies sit-com - (for those of you that remember it!) "there has been a cock up on the catering front". The cafe will now not be staffed, however, tea, coffee and sandwiches will be available, on a self serve basis, with an honesty box provided, £1 for drinks and £1 for sandwiches would be appreciated. Thanks. 



The Event

Mass start 5pm

For those running a dusk or night leg please wear a high viz top, and ensure you have adequate torch equipment.

Spectator control, final control and changeover adjacent to the event centre - see map. Spectator control is between 1.5km and 2.0km from the finish on all legs.

It's the individual team member's responsibility to be in the changeover pen in good time for the handover.

Legs may be gaffled.

Mini mass starts will be held if necessary on legs 2 to 6 in order to get the event finished in time for the prizegiving, as shown below.

Prizegiveing before 10pm!


Other details

See Expected Time for each Leg. Please be available to run at least 30 mins before the expected Start time for your leg.

Please check the Handicap points you have entered for your teams make sure they are right.  

The first leg will be in daylight. If it is a clear evening the second leg will also be light. Head torches will be needed after around 18:15.


Leg Start Expected Time
Leg 1 4K Mass Start 17:00:00 35 mins
Leg 2 5K Expected Start Time 17:35:00 40 mins
Leg 3 7K Expected Start Time 18:15:00 50 mins
Leg 4 5K Expected Start Time 19:05:00 40 mins
Leg 5 7K Expected Start Time 19:45:00 50 mins
Leg 6 4K Expected Start Time 20:35:00 35 mins
Expected Finish Time 21:10:00

Southampton Orienteering Club is celebrating its 50th year. As part of our celebrations we are introducing a new event in an exciting format.

The Sunset and Beyond Relay pits teams of six against each other in a parkland and urban setting. The early runners will start in daylight then, as the sun sets, later runners will compete in the dark. Each team must have at least two female runners and a maximum handicap of 40 points using the Harvesters system (see below). We are aiming to keep the competition tight, with mini-mass starts just a few minutes later than the expected winning time for the previous leg. You get the excitement of the Harvester in a four to five hour event!

The event is on Saturday 24th March at Fleming Park, Eastleigh. The mass start is at 5pm and prizegiving for the top three teams is at 10pm.

Handicap points are based on age class:

Class 10 12 14 16 18 20 21 35 40 45 50 55 60 65+
Men 1 2 4 6 8 9 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3
Women 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Approximate leg lengths are as follows:

Leg 1 2 3 4 5 6
Length 4.0km 5.0km 7.0km 5.0km 7.0km 4.0km

Legs 1 and 6 are suitable to be run by under 16s as the urban area is not visited by these legs.

Buy one, get one free!

The entry fee is £54 per team. Enter two teams from one club, get the second free! 

The entry system is ready now for team captains to enter and pay for their teams. Entries close on Wednesday 21st March.

After entering team captains will get a link to the team declaration form which can be submitted at any time up until the event.


Location: Fleming Park, Eastleigh SO50 9LH

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