SOC Wessex Night League


Thu 10th Nov 2016


Knightwood and Valley Park

Organiser: Christine Currie (christine [at]
Planner: David Curie
Controller: Ian Moran


Seniors £5, juniors £3

Parking: Parking at the leisure centre is in high demand. Out of courtesy for regular users, please use the free parking behind Valley Park Community Centre in Pilgrims Close (SO53 4ST; SU420200).

Registration: Knightwood Leisure Centre off Skys Wood Road (SO53 4SJ, about 5 minutes walk from the designated car park). We have been asked to avoid congregating in the foyer as the noise may disturb customers in the beauty salon situated in the leisure centre.

Course: 1 hour score around housing estates and small areas of woodland. Start and finish adjacent to the leisure centre and a selection of yellow-standard controls close to the start/finish area.

Map: Updated and extended for 2016 by Colin Hicks.

Safety: High-viz clothing is obligatory and toches are recommended. There are lots of roads, some of which can be busy so care must be taken. Under-16s should be accompanied by an adult.

Facilities: toilets are available in the leisure centre.

Post-run refreshments: the Cleveland Bay is adjacent to the car park and serves drinks and food.

Is it possible to reserve maps for the above event, please?  Thanks

In reply to by Rebecca (not verified)

Hi - it shouldn't be necessary (we'll print more than enough based on previous numbers) but if you're travelling far and/or likely to turn up late then leave a comment here with your name and the number of maps you'd like to reserve.