Results for SCOL2 at Fritham

Well, that was a wet one wasn't it? 179 of you braved it onto the courses, showing what a hardy bunch we are. I hope you enjoyed David Currie's courses.

As with all these events they wouldn't take place without a huge amount of effort from the volunteers who make up the event team. On behalf of SOC may I thank all the volunteers and officials for all their hard work.

You can review the results and splits here: Results and Splits. See all the courses and upload your route on RouteGadget.

Now, don't forget to enter the Classic. More details of all three Classic Weekend events at

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Firstly the thanks: to Pete for always taking everything in his stride, to Allan for stepping in as controller at short notice and gently knocking some of the rust off my planning skills, and to those who formed the forest team, in particular Ian, Mike, and the rest of the Currie clan who did both the early and late shifts. I would also like to thank W2 Alys: it didn't matter she was the only competitor on the White course. It was worth putting on just to see her walk all the way around - she deserved the win! And also to Tim, for ensuring that a 12km Brown course didn't look overplanned.

I must apologise for the new fenced enclosure which only featured on the maps in the start lanes. I only discovered it yesterday having somehow missed it on earlier visits. I should also apologise for those who had the hide #244. There was a reason why Allan had struggled to find it when checking my tapes which is because it has moved about 25m south of where it is shown on the map. Notwithstanding those issues, most people I spoke to seem to have enjoyed their courses. Fritham is a lovely area - my main regret is that you didn't get to experience it a month earlier when the skies were blue and the ground bone dry!